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Denton Cabinet is more than just cut-and-finish carpentry. We are a family of artisans and dreamers who’ve been crafting master designs since Don F. Denton opened for business back in 1973.  With three generations of experience, Denton Cabinet combines family heritage, northern Nevada roots, and uncompromising craftsmanship to create a product that brings an exciting new story to any residential or commercial space.

Denton Cabinet is Nevada born and bred. But three generations of craftsmanship also means expansion. So we now bring our semi-custom and custom designs and installations to a range of clients across Northern Nevada and Lake Tahoe.

We take pride in raising the bar in cabinet supply and craftsmanship. So we’ll work with you to transform your space into something that speaks to you as much as it perfectly enhances the environment. From large-scale residential to challenging renovations to complex retail, medical, and everything in between, our crew at Denton Cabinet has the experience to bring your best ideas to life. High-end, low-end, any-end…we do it all.  And by working with the best vendors, partners, and suppliers, we make sure you’re getting a quality final product that flawlessly fits both budget and design needs.

We know the importance of cabinets to homes and businesses – especially when it comes to resale value. So we commit to providing the highest quality workmanship possible, giving every client confidence that their product is unique, functional, smart, stylish, and expertly crafted. 

We work hard, we work smart, we work honest, and we believe in our contractors, designers, and customers. We love what we do. And we can’t wait to bring that passion to your next project.

At Denton Cabinet we take our client relationships very seriously. Basically, we like our relationships like we like our designs: strong, quality, and long-term. They’re the dreamers, idea-makers, and storytellers that inspire our work. Whether it’s a little custom project or monster renovation, we take great pride in all the projects our broad spectrum of clients throw our way. And, most importantly, we’re itching for whatever new ideas you might have in mind.